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VITANTONIO Mini Bottle Blender

Introducing the Japan-designed Vitantonio Mini Bottle Blender!
We use this every morning for one perfect serving of a fruit and veg smoothie that I simply cap and bring along with me to work.

There's nothing to wash but the blades and the bottle when you're done drinking it - and the best part is, you control how smooth or chunky you want your breakfast smoothie to be - it's powered by your hand pressure, so you get the perfect customized consistency. It's super slim and tiny and fits in any small kitchen corners, too!


VITANTONIO Multi Waffle Baker

The baker heats up super fast and super evenly, with a very high quality coating unlike the usual cheap versions which emit "plasticky" smells and produce uneven results. Its like a mini oven - only cuter - and you'll never have a problem with leftovers! Mix and match your plates to produce a smorgasbord of treats both sweet and savoury!


VITANTONIO Multi Baker Extra Plates

Taiyaki Plates - For tradtional adzuki or matcha or cheese or, well, anything filled fish-shaped taiyaki!
Square Hot Sandwich Plate- For piping hot pocket sandwiches filled with gooey cheese and ham
Madeleine Plate - For crisp around the edges, fluffy in the inside French delights
Cupcakes Plate
Heart Waffles Plate
Panini Plate - For perfect, hot sandwiches
Doughtnut Plate- For cake donuts in the most adorable petit sizes!
Waffle Plate - For belgian style, local style sweet and savoury waffles!
Tartlette Plate - For mini fruit or meat tarts
Pizzelle Plate - For crispy mini pizelles to snack on 

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